Socrates Garcia is a composer, arranger, producer, recording engineer, bandleader, guitarist, and educator from the Dominican Republic. He has performed as a guitarist and keyboard player in many Latin-American countries, and his orchestra, the Socrates Garcia Latin Jazz Orchestra, has performed around the country and internationally.

His latest album, Back Home (MAMA Records), performed by the Socrates Garcia Latin Jazz Orchestra, is a symbiotic combination of Afro-Dominican and Afro-Caribbean genres within the aesthetic of contemporary orchestral jazz. An award winning album, it has received numerous accolades by critics and jazz fans alike.

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This is smart and exciting music that shows us the power of Dominican music combined with jazz.
-Latin Jazz Corner by Chip Boaz


His Latin Jazz Orchestra raises up jazz and merengue through the sophisticated palette of big band orchestration and the lowdown, sensuous intrigue of the dance music inherent in both.
-AXS by Carol Banks Weber

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“Snazzy is what comes to mind here. With never a dull moment to harsh your vibe, this is going to take you to the groovy Latin jazz club in your mind where gringos are always welcome.”
-Midwest Record by Chris Spector

Back Home is an energetic, charming, sensory, and revealing album. Garcia shows us what home is for him. And it is sweet.
-The Jazz Owl by Travis Rogers, Jr.

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Global Music Awards Gold Medal Winner

Each of the wonderfully written works are an homage to people and places in the Caribbean island that influenced his life. The tunes are rich with percussive Afro-Latin rhythms and lush horn arrangements.
-The Jazz Page Raves by D. Glenn Daniels

All the music on this project is composed, arranged and conducted by Socrates Garcia. Believe me, the arrangements are dynamic and beautiful. The orchestration is lush and the musicians are masterfully articulate.
-Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil

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“Back Home” presents a long journey and a lifetime labor of love for Garcia, and the amount of work he put into the arrangements reflects that respect and devotion.
-Jazz Music Archives by JS

The band is a large ensemble of talented musicians that produce vibrant Latin-infused jazz that is jovial, spirited and easy to enjoy.
-O’s Place Jazz Newsletter by D. Oscar Groomes

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