The study scores are designed for composers and students to analyze and learn techniques. Most of scores are for jazz orchestra. They have been recorded by the Socrates Garcia Latin Jazz Orchestra and other ensembles.

The scores are available in different formats:

  • Full Score Transposed
  • Full Score Concert Key
  • Concert Key Reduction

Many of the scores can also be purchased as full scores or parts.
Full scores can be performed by a full Jazz Orchestra.
Smaller groups can perform full scores and parts.

You’ll receive a PDF version of your purchase. Each score will be personalized, so please allow 24 hours after purchase for delivery,



(As recorded on the album Back Home by the Socrates Garcia Latin Jazz Orchestra)
Transposed Score (No Key Signature)

Reed 1: Alto Sax 1/Flute – Reed 2: Alto Sax 2/Flute –  Reed 3: Tenor Sax 1 – Reed 4: Tenor Sax 2/Bb Clarinet – Reed 5: Baritone Sax/Bs. Clarinet

Trumpet 1/Flugelhorn 1 – Trumpet 2/Flugelhorn 2 – Trumpet 3/Fluglehorn 3 – Trumpet 4/Flugelhorn 4 – Trombone 1 – Trombone 2 – Trombone 3 – Bass Trombone

Rhythm Section
Electric Guitar – Piano – Electric Bass – Drum Set – Bongos – Güira or Maracas